Is there any way to Autoscroll through a list of files?

I suspect the short answer to this is "no", but thought I'd run it past the collective genius which is the DOpus forum before admitting defeat and cobbling something together with a macro recorder.

I often find myself having to trawl through folders containing sometimes huge quantities of files (into 6 figures). Is there some way I can persuade DO to scroll the file display pane automatically, rather than endlessly having to click/press to move down the list?

I have in the past achieved an unsatisfying compromise by using the Print Folder tool to produce a text or csv file which I can then autoscroll through in NoteTab or Excel, but the limitations of that method are obvious.

I can't help thinking there must be a better way of doing what I'm trying to do.

C'mon guys - I know someone will know what to do.

Thanks in advance.

Get a mouse with a wheel on it :slight_smile:

Not sure I'd want to wheel through 100,000 or more items (even with the Logitech free-spinning wheels), but some mouse drivers let you set up a button/gesture to do auto-scroll or auto-pilot or whatever they call it (I think it varies by manufacturer), which might help.

I request this long time ago.
Not autoscroll but can scroll Lister by command.
For example, in IE or Firefox, I always use space bar to scroll pages...
It will be useful to do this in DO, create new command and can be choose number of lines or page, then assign it to button or key.

The OP wants the filenames to scroll down automatically, I guess with the idea of sitting back in the chair and seeing a "slideshow" of filenames without any further interaction. That's quite different to adding another hotkey for what PageDown already does.

Nothing wrong with either idea; just saying, the two are different things.

ok sorry (but keydown select last item first, the select each item, I don't want to have file selected).

About autoscroll, I can use it in Excel/Firefox, I click mouse wheel, icon is display, and autoscroll starts when I move away cursor.
But it's not possible in Lister.

That autoscrolling is a built-in feature of some programs. It isn't a built-in feature of Opus, but you should still be able to add it if your mouse drivers provide their own auto-scrolling button/gesture configuration.

Thanks for the responses people. It is as I feared.

Is there any point in submitting this as a feature request d'you reckon?

I'm not sure if it'd be that useful to many people.

What kind of situation do you need to watch 100,000 filepaths scroll by automatically? Maybe there is a better way to locate what you're looking for, or to show all the filenames?

I agree, it might not be top of most people's list of features.

FWIW, the reason I need such a function is that my job often requires me to examine the results of forensic examinations for material which may be relevant to a particular issue. It's not always possible to do this using keyword searches/filters, etc. alone. I have often found that the best way to get a "feel" for the use to which a computer has been put is to trawl through a list of filenames (inc. the info revealed by the Details columns).

As I indicated earlier, there are other ways to do this, but I just love DO, and would much rather use it if possible.

Anyway, thanks all the same.

Don't know if this will be of any help or not but there is an option in the Windows Control Panel/Mouse/Wheel/Vertical Scrolling for the number of lines at a time form each click of the scroll wheel. It can be set all the way up to 100 lines per scroll wheel click. This of course would make the scroll wheel unusable in normal day-to-day task but under the right situation it may be an option to look at.

Possibly you could have two mice set up on the same computer; one for normal scrolling and another for fast scrolling.


I just tried the AutoScroll feature on my Logitech mouse and it works very well. You position the mouse pointer about in the middle of the folder you want to scroll and click the mouse wheel (press down on the wheel). The auto scrolling will go in the direction you have the pointer positioned (below or above the original pointer setting when you pressed down on the scroll wheel.) The speed of scrolling is determined by how far above or below the original pointer setting you move the mouse.

Hope this helps a little.


Yeah, Logitech's AutoScroll works well with Opus for me as well. Just click the button it's assigned to, then move the mouse up or down to adjust scrolling speed, then sit back and watch things scroll by themselves.

(Logitech offer another thing called "Universal Scroll" which doesn't work. Not sure what that is. AutoScroll is good, though.)

Hi Leo;

"Universal Scroll" used to work a few years ago but I'm not really sure why it is still in the Logitech list of settings. It was similar to AutoScroll but you set a permanent scroll speed in the Logitech software itself (after assigning it to one of the mouse buttons... like the scroll wheel).