Is there any way to make a toolbar for both panes?


You can create buttons etc. which only affect one pane or the other, at least for most of the commands where it makes sense.

Which commands/actions do you want to do this for?

I am in a dual horizontal pane mode.
I need to be able to have a separate toolbar (or a set of buttons) for the bottom pane.
The commands would be Delete, up, back, forward, etc, ie the same thing as I would have for the top pane.

Here's how I would do it, using the example of making the Delete command always apply to the right/bottom window:

Set SOURCE=right
dopusrt /cmd Delete

The first line makes sure the right/bottom window is the "source", and the second line runs the Delete command, but as a new/separate command (so that it will be run in the context of the correct side being the source; if it was run directly then it could still see the other side as being the source).

For things like the location fields and Drive Buttons, there are special arguments you can give them which make them always affect one side or the other.

(e.g. If you watch the highlights video, you'll see how I set up the new Drive List drop-downs to always affect the left or right sides; the bit you want is 5 minutes in.)