Is there more advanced showfilter/hidefilter?

I know that we can set advanced 'file operation' filter. but It's for copy, delete, etcs, not just for displaying folder's contents.

As of now, showfilter/hidefilter in Folder Options are filtered by filenames and strictly pre-set attributes, but I think it may be better if it can filter by locations, dates, sizes, and even script column values.

Or is there a way around this?

Actually, I want to display only 'PathDepth' 5 folders in my 'Custom Folder' Format.
(PathDepth is a custom script I found here.)

Thank you!
(and if there were some bad english, sorry. I'm not native English speaker)

You can use Select FILTER to show/hide even the most complex combinations of attributes - just not in real-time like the showfilters and hidefilters.!Documents/Select.htm

Use path formats for location-specific formats.

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OK, sir, I really hate to ask again but... I guess the SELECT command is for selecting items, not filtering them.

I have so many files and folders on my work folder and the main reason I am trying Directory Opus is that I expected it could show filtered result of my complex files/folders as I needed. My strategy of doing it was categorizing by layers of folders. My work folder has somekind of this structure.

Work Folder \ 1. Sales \ 1. Stockholm
.................................... \ 2. Oslo
.....................\ 2. Marketing \ 1. Stockholm
............................................\ 2. Oslo

Normally, I can lookup items and add new report through standard version of the file system, so that I could easily find my reports and data categorized by department of work, which are Sales and Marketing.
But sometimes I should check my reports by regions, which are, for example, Stockholm and Oslo.
(In reality, there are much bigger number of higher level folders and lower level folders)

PathDepth of my Work folder is 3, Sales/Marketing folders are 4, Stockholm/Oslo folders are 5 so I wished if whenever I clicked a button, mode of display changed to show only folders of PathDepth 5 with parent-folder-showing column added. Then there I can click the region I want to check or edit easily.

I believe that these kinds of matters are nothing to Directory Opus so I tried to learn it but it was way more difficult I had expected. Anyway, I learned how to make a button and write a very simple code but could you please give me a slightly more detailed explanation?


The Select command can hide things too.

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Thank you. I finally did it. I need to study continuously. Thanks!