Is there some kind of findbar toolbar?

=> see topic :slight_smile:

I'd like to have a small findbar, much like the pathbar.

You enter something and a search in the current lister path is initiated.


Here's our conversation from IRC, in case it's useful to anybody else:

do you know if there's a way to have a "find bar" in dopus ?
(just like the pathbar: a simple string gadget)
to filter the displayed files, or to initiate a find like the find pane, but smaller?
to initiate a find
I don't think such a thing exists, just the find pane itself
how to toggle find panel btw ?
click the Find Panel button :slight_smile:
i think the default toolbar may not have it though
if you get a new lister opening when you click it, it's opening a layout instead of just toggling on the panel
just go to customize and drag Find Panel onto a toolbar
well, i don't have such button...
ah, ok
hum... results are displayed in the current lister
there are options to change that
is there a way to display the results in a separate window, like when you press f3 for a search
you can make a button which opens the thing you get when you press F3 if you want
I think you can
or have the results go to the destination lister/pane
I'd like to have the find panel inside the lister, but the results in a separate window...
is it possible ? :slight_smile:
click the "show in destination" option
well that sort of does it :slight_smile:
but no you cannot have a dedicated "find results" window docked inside the lister
find results go into a collection, which you can display in part of the lister
but if you want to have two file displays AS WELL as the find results, you'll need to have at least two windows open
you could probably make a button which pops up a small dialog askign for a search pattern and then opens the F3 window with the search results
how could i do that...
that would perfectly fill my needs :slight_smile:
make a button with this function:
dopusrt /cmd Find IN {sourcepath$} NAME "{dlgstring|Enter search pattern}"