Is there some way to display all new layouts in one DOpus wi


PS: I don't want any new DOpus window, just all em in one... How?... :frowning:

How a layout opens depends on the state of DOpus when you saved that layout. In other words, if you have two DOpus windows (listers) open when you save a layout, the next time you load that layout two windows will be opened again.

Nope, I meant like in Opera (browser), I have many Bookmarks on top, and I want the same for DOpus. Is it possible? All new listers should be inside MAIN DOpus container...

Any Idea?

I have not used Opera in a few years, but I believe their bookmarks are similar to those of other browsers such as Firefox.

If so then it sounds like you want to set up your DOpus favorites not layouts or multiple listers. I use DOpus favorites a lot, it lets me quick jump to my most common locations in my computer (while staying in the active lister).

Just go to one of your favorite folders/directories, then from the menu choose FAVORITES and ADD TO FAVORITES.

You can also put your favorites on a separate toolbar if you want that's positioned wherever you want it to be.


Nope... I didn't mean "Bookmarks" in case "Favorites". I mean, that I need to switch betw two or three DOpus listers, but I'd like to switch betw em inside one DOpus container. So it will looks like I have only one instance of DOpus on my taskbar (below screen) and many layouts inside DOpus, but not many instances of DOpus on taskbar and one layout in every instance... I don't want to click on my taskbar every time, I want to click inside DOpus... :slight_smile:

I don't know of a way you can do that. I tried right clicking over my taskbar and choosing "properties" then ticked the "Group similar taskbar buttons" but it didn't change the number of DOpus instances open on the taskbar.

Maybe someone else has an idea.


Ha, I find this whole thing sort of amusing... electronic communication is a really sucky way to try and explain something sometimes :slight_smile:. My two cents from first to last question:

Now when I see this, I think to myself... self: when you change 'Layouts' - for instance by going to Settings->Lister Layouts and select a 'saved' layout, it does indeed open the selected layout in a new Lister window rather than just change the current lister to the view you want... legitimate quetsion, but WAY different to me than:

This question makes me think (as apparently JohnZ did as well) of 'Favorites' in Dopus, only because it's the only thing I can think of that corresponds to 'Bookmarks'. Again, a totally legitimate question, and one that JohnZ answered pretty clearly. But this is also something COMPLETELY different from the next part...

[quote]All new listers should be inside MAIN DOpus container...[/quote]Now [u]THIS[/u] certainly caught my eye as meaning Odin is looking for tabbed browsing... to which i say HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... and to please look at THIS topic and state your opinion with the rest of us that this is one of the single most important features missing from an application as all around wonderful as Dopus :slight_smile:.