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Is there WebM support?

I can't seem to find a way to watch webms via the viewer pane.

Is there a setting or plugin for this?

They seem to play if you do this:

  • Preferences / Viewer / Plugins
  • Select ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web and click Configure
  • In the Preview Handlers part of the list, turn on Windows Media Player
  • Select the Windows Media Player line, then on the right add the .webm extension to it.

While it works, it also seems to show a spurious message about the file extension not matching the content type, but there is an option to tell it to not show the message again. (That's coming from the WMP preview handler, not Opus itself, so it's outside our control.)

This did not seem to need anything extra installed, at least to view the big-buck-bunny_trailer.webm sample I used (VP80 video and Vorbis audio).

Although it's possible it only works for me because I've already installed one of these things from the Microsoft Store:

  • MPEG-2 Video Extension
  • HEIF Image Extensions
  • HEVC Video Extensions from the Device Manufacturer

It may be possible to make it work via other plugins/viewers but probably requires installing some extra codecs/splitters.

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Wow that was fast! 10 minute response time.

Thanks this worked perfectly and didn't require any of those extensions.