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Is this the right time to buy it?


Hi there, I tested this software a few years back, i believe it was on version 9 at the time. Over the years I would drool over the idea of finally buying it. Now that windows 10 is right around the corner I thought of getting it.

Is this the right time to buy it? Is version 12 coming soon? Will it work with windows 10?

I just don't want to lock myself out of updates in a couple of months nor do I want to this only to realize it isn't fully supporting windows 10.


Windows 10 is not finished yet so we cannot guarantee anything, but current versions of Opus 11 work fine with the current Windows 10 betas, so we do not predict any issues.

Opus 12 will not be released for some time.


Check the "Update Size and Frequency" section of the following FAQ post and you will see that major updates have been released every three to four years:

with the latest version 11 being released in March 2014. This is not a guaranteed time-scale, but Opus updates are very generous and include both new features as well as any bug fixes. Support is second-to-none as well. :thumbsup:


what does "some time" actually means?

Thx Deipotent, if that time scale is anything to go by that would mean around 2 more years. Which is fine by me.