Is this upgrade a no-brainer?

I use version 1.4 and the folders are sorted correctly by size when using EFS coloumn script, but when I move to the built in size column sometimes it is in the correct order instantly. Sometimes it slowly sorts it's self out to the correct order and sometimes it is just wrong.

Due to frustration I usually just use EFS so I don't have enough experience to understand why it does what it does.

If you mean a screen shot of the task manager when I get the error about thumbnails being halted (or something similar). I get the error message very rarely and am usually busy doing other things if I even notice it. All I can say is I will try the next time I see the error in the script log.

I forgot, I do have more information about the situation. I will add it to the correct discussion, instead of derailing this one.

Someone that only wants a certain feature can wait until it's realeased and then subscribe. The feature will be there if it's there :slight_smile:
That said I think you are right and would benefit Opus too if done right.

Users can submit a request and everyone can vote for it. More votes moves it forward in the roadmap.
When Team-Opus is done adding a feature and killed some bugs, the next things they start programming is the feature with the most votes.

I'm aware reality is a bit more complex, but in general I think it's a good thing for both user and company.
Does that mean Opus isn't allowed to do anything not voted for? Nope. Sometimes great features are added nobody requested. So it should be a mix of things. Perhaps first are top-voted-features that fit best it the longterm vision of the Opus team.