[issue] favorite tree can't expand sometime

I keep some favorite items in the folder tree , and managed in many categories, and each category have some items, I found some time, when I want to expand the categoey while click the triangle, it doesn't work, and I need to hide the folder tree and show it again, then it works normally.
It may occurs after lock the computer and login again.

Do you still see that with 12.1.1 beta? (Link to it in my signature if needed.)

Opus 12 build 6089
I'm not sure in what condition it occurs, the opus v 11 also have this issue.
it often occurs while I come back from long time leaving, maybe the next morning after I leave work.
And when I login again(not power off ), the window of other programs like word , has a stretch(so does opus), maybe this is the reason , I'm not sure.