Issue opening JPG's via Directory Opus

Hello, I'm facing an issue with opening JPG files.
When I double click a JPG file, I get a popup message
"Windows cannot find C:\Program Files\ACDSEE\ACDSee32.exe. Make sure you've tyoed the name correctly, then try again."
Long time ago I had indeed ACDSEE installed on my system, but that's gone for some time. I even checked the registry for ACDSEE leftovers and deleted them.
When I try to double click the same file(s) with explorer.exe, it open's the file using the default windows viewer app.
I guess there's something I have to change in DO, but cannot find it ....
Changing the default windows viewer app to another program gives me the same result.
Any recommendations ?
Kind Regards, GVR

We are not sure what causes that but there seems to be something outside of Opus which is editing Opus's config files to make them use ACDSee. Some people have reported it even on machines they swear have never had ACDSee installed. It's quite strange.

Either that or people are using a shared config from somewhere/someone which includes that setting, but we haven't been able to find any config on the forum or elsewhere which does it. If you have any ideas, let us know, as it'd be great to get to the bottom of what is doing it.

If you use the current beta version of Opus, it should automatically detect this now and will ignore that part of the configuration (if ACDSee32.exe isn't actually installed). Just installing the beta should be enough to solve the problem.

Alternatively, you can fix it by editing the file type:

Thx Leo ! Don't use beta, neither have copied a config.... But your fix to edit recognized_images_file_type was the solution! KIng regards

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