Issue showing properties dialog for pagefile.sys and hyberfil.sys

I've been cleaning up the unwanted changes from the Win10 Anniversary (it even re-enabled defrag which is a pain for disk imaging) and noticed hyberfil.sys had also returned.

When I went to check its properties to confirm the creation date by right clicking on the file name in DO nothing showed. The Windows properties dialog does display when using the 'Properties' button in DO, but not the context menu from the lister item itself (mouse of keyboard).

Have I just noticed a long standing issue with my system due to some shell menu handlers for *.sys or hidden/system files or does DO 12 have some part to play, either some setting I've never noticed or an issue?

Windows File Explorer works fine in the same situation and when I have time I'll experiment some more.

Opus won't show a right-click menu for a file that cannot be accessed at all.

Explorer will show the menu, and then most of the things in the menu don't work. (Properties is possibly the only menu item which will work.)

(It's rare for this to ever happen, but pagefile.sys and hyberfile.sys are examples where it does.)

Using the Properties toolbar button as you did is a good way to get to the dialog, or the Creation column can also be added to the file display for the same information.