Issue w/saving lister w/FTP

My question is regarding saving a lister when one lister is an FTP lister. Apparently, this doesn't work (when restoring the lister, the FTP lister just shows a directory (same dir as the other pane)). Is this a bug?

The operations i perform:

  • Open dual pane lister, one side is on hd other is ftp
  • Settings -> Lister Layouts -> Save Lister -> a
  • Close DO
  • Settings -> Lister Layouts -> a

Opens with incorrect FTP pane (shows some dir on hd, same as other pane). I'm a registered user but someone else in the company did the registration and i don't know with which email.

Is the setting below, circled by red, turned on?

If it is on then loading Layouts (etc.) with FTP paths in them will not load the paths and instead shows a "push F5 to refresh" message. (At least with a dual-pane lister, which is the only thing I tested with.)

If it is off then the FTP path should load straight into the lister when the Layout is opened. I just tested it and it seems to work here.

If it doesn't work even with the option turned off, what kind of site is it? FTP, SSH or SFTP? Anonymous or passworded? Was the connection made from the Address Book or via the Quick Connect dialog, or via typing in a path into the Location bar?

Is anything shown in the FTP log (Tools -> Output Window -> FTP#1)?

Is the same site already open in another window? If so it may not allow you to connect more than once, depending on the site's configuration for your account.

Thanks for the reply - The checkbox you posted above is not checked for me. I found the scenario where this works and where this doesn't. The issue occurs only when the lister is being saved while the FTP session is trying to be established. I enter the FTP manually (ftp://...) in the address.

Try to do the operation i gave you in the original post with an FTP site that isn't up - i'm pretty sure you will see that when you load the saved lister it doesn't save the FTP pane. If i do the exact same operation while the FTP site is up, it works fine.

That makes sense. The file display's path is "in limbo" until the site actually connects.