Issue with deleting folders with lots of files

Version 13.2
Today I am deleting a folder on an external hard drive that has thousands of music files (about one TB). Though the deleting is working fine, while it is in process it apparently takes all of dopus' resources, meaning that I can't do anything else while the deletion is in process. It seems that it's not in the background. I can't select another folder of the internal drives, open files from dopus, sort a file list; nothing. Even if I open a new lister. And it's not just a delay thing either, for example if I click a button to open the C: drive in never goes there. Even waiting a long time. CPU usage is at 5% and I have an Intel i9, Win 11 that is up to date. I can use any other programs well from the windows desktop including uploading and downloading and they run at full speed, but dopus is pretty much lost for me for about 60 minutes (I'm not sure how many minutes that is in Australian time ;).

Is this because I'm using an external USB3 drive?
Could it be the drive itself? But then why would it lock down dopus?
Is it because I used shift-DEL on the keyboard?
Is there any way I can get around this issue? Such as using another method to delete this folder? I deleted it using shift-DEL on the keyboard so that it did not go into the trash. Drive is 5400rpm Seagate.
Is this a bug or just a part of windows in general?

Clearly I should have just reformatted the drive to begin with, but it's too late for that.
FYI, when I copy from internal drive to drive it's 200-300 MB/sec. When I copy to that drive it's 2-3 MB/sec. But still, why would a slow drive sequester dopus?

Thank you for any light anyone could shed on this.

Does the same happen with File Explorer?

Excellent question and I actually tried to open File Explorer but to my embarrassment I have not yet been able to start it. Dopus always opens.

I'm sure my external drive is responsible for the slowness, but the real question is why it essentially froze Dopus until it was done. Might be a Seagate firmware/software issue.

If Explorer Replacement is on, you can still run Explorer via the start menu, or from within Opus via Tools > Open in Explorer.

Thank you. No, it does not lock up like that when I used Windows File Explorer.

Did you use shift+del in Explorer as well?

Also, does it happens in either/both if not holding shift, so the deletes go to the recycle bin?

I can't help you with that. I have a job and a life and I can't keep spending hours copying tons of stuff back and forth. I just don't have the time. I wish I did but I work 50 hours/week and have kids and a crapload of home responsibilities.

(I'm getting too much push-back from she-who-must-be-obeyed)