Issue with editing metadata

Trying to change metadata on multiple files, e.g. Title field. Trying to remove data, select data and backspace removes, click outside of filed and red mark appears to left, OK applies changes, all files change except last file selected.

Further small point, Trying too use favourite folder format saved. Use reset and set from favourites option. Selected fields change in displayed fields but apply button not available. changing order of fields enables apply butten and layout then applied.

Which version of Opus are you using?

What type(s) of files are being changed?

Sorry 12.0.15 beta and the files are WMV


After the change, if you click Cancel at the top of the metadata panel, then close and re-open it, is it showing the correct/new data for all the files? I am wondering if the problem is it isn't changing all the files, or if it isn't properly detecting the files have been changed.


Not quite sure what you mean

I am using Edit Metadata Ctrl-M, changing the metadata, select two files, click on the meta data and press OK (this dialog does not have an Apply, the first file changes the second remains selected and is not changed
this is for a WMV file

Two Jpgs behave as expected

I think I have found the issue, whilst testing this behaviour.

If I select the lower file fist and then the top nothing happens.

I think it is the preview viewer, the WMV starts playing and this is creating a file lock stopping the file being changed, normally this is the last file, and, indeed if one file in playing edit metadata will not change it. Closing the preview panel the change works as designed. If you try and rename the file a warning comes up saying the file is in use, changing the metadata is silent about the error.

That just leaves the apply button not highlighted when applying a favourite - favourite applied from reset use favourite, apply button

If the field order is changed the apply works