Issue with "Find Duplicate Files ..." function


Does the "Find Duplicate Files" function work on mapped drives?

I'm running DOpus 8.2.x on my Windows 2000 system and am wanting to find any and all duplicate files between two drives/partitions on my OS/2 system, whose drives are mapped to the letters K: and N: via a network connection using the NetBEUI protocol.

Everything appears to be correct in the setup pane, and quite honestly there's not a whole lot to setup or screw-up actually, but when I click on basically nothing happens.

The fields contain the same data, nothing clears itself, but the function just doesn't start or run or anything.

Any help or input would be appreciated!


Hi there chekmarx, there shouldn't be a problem with mapped drives - AFAIK. I believe you may be bumping into a basic problem with the dupe file finder utility and 'multiple drives' in general... it's a bug I've filed a report with GPsoft about. Basically, add a local drive like C: to your search along with K: and N: (but make C: 'first' -> C:,K:,N:). What you should see is that C: is ignored while K: and N: is then searched... basically the first drive letter in a 'multi-drive' dupe search is getting ignored and when you do a search of just 2 drives - as you've seen, nothing at all seems to happen :frowning:.

Ahh ... good to know. Thanks for the input.