Issue with Software Licensing and Country Setting


I’m facing an issue with the software activation process. I purchased the Chinese Plus version of the software, and the vendor provided an official activation code. There are two activation methods available:

  1. Internal Activation within the Software: Unfortunately, this method consistently fails to connect to the server when attempting activation.
  2. Web Activation via Proxy: I successfully activated the software using this method by using a proxy with a Singapore node. However, when I checked my account management on the web, I noticed that the country associated with my account is not China.

The software interface lacks the advanced features related to FTP and USB, which should be available in the Chinese Plus version.I couldn’t find an option to change the country setting on the web platform.

How can I resolve the issue with the software displaying as a regular authorized version instead of the Chinese Plus version?Is there a way to update my country setting to reflect China?


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The country field isn't used for much and won't affect the features you have access to, which are enabled by the certificate. It looks like the vendor gave you a standard code rather than a "plus" code, from what I can tell.

Could you please email and they'll be able to sort it out.

Thank you very much for your suggestion.