Issues after updating to Tortoise SVN 1.7.11

I just updated my Tortoise SVN to rev 1.7.11, and now my Directory Opus no longer gives me the option to display any SVN information in the lister-- I had all my listers configured to show the full SVN path as that functionality is very useful to me as I work in a branch-heavy development environment.

Is there any trick to get Directory Opus to "regain" this functionality?

Here's the rev of Tortoise SVN after I updated it:

Version Information
TortoiseSVN 1.7.11, Build 23600 - 64 Bit , 2012/12/12 19:08:52
Subversion 1.7.8,
apr 1.4.6
apr-utils 1.3.12
neon 0.29.6
OpenSSL 1.0.1c 10 May 2012
zlib 1.2.7[/ul]

This functionality went away when TortoiseSVN changed, not Opus, so it's not something that broke on our side.

If you create this registry key (note: key, not value), it should start working again:


I don't know why TSVN has stopped registering that itself, though. Maybe it's an error, or maybe they assumed that since ColumnHandlers don't work in Windows Explorer in Vista and above, that nothing else would use them either, which isn't true.

At least for now, that seems to fix it.

Thanks, Leo!
I've had the same issue here.

I've had the same issue and tried your fix but it didn't work, I tried re-booting as well but no joy. The key was missing though.

Could it be because I am on Windows 7 64 bit do you think?

It won't be that as I'm also on Windows 7 64-bit, and it works fine for me.

(You need to install the 64-bit version of Tortoise SVN, of course.)

All I had to do was add the missing registry key, and maybe restart Opus or reboot (not sure from memory), and everything was good again.

If it's still not working, it's a question for the TortoiseSVN mailing list.