Issues opening stuff in new tabs, photoshop, and winrar

I have a few annoyances that have kept me from replacing windows explorer completely. I've searched the forums and have been unable to find anything to resolve these issues. Please help; I'd rather not need to swap between explorers.

  1. I want to open everything in new tabs instead of new windows. I have read this thread and applied the changes, but it isn't working for search. I search a lot, and I would like to be able to "open containing folder" as a tab instead of a new window. Otherwise I end up with five or more directory opus windows open and I quickly lose my place and become disorganized.

  2. Is there any way to open a file in the standalone viewer in photoshop via a button or context menu? In the windows explorer viewer, I can right click the image and open with photoshop but this functionality seems to be gone in directory opus.

  3. I used to be able to right click a .rar or .zip file and "extract to [folder of same name]" in a single click. This context menu item does not appear in directory opus and I have to open the program extract the file. It's a small thing, but being able to do this without opening the file in winrar is convenient.

  1. You can configure following: -> options -> file types -> all folders -> edit -> events -> left double click change to go newtab

  2. -> options -> file type groups -> "images" -> edit -> events you could, for instance, edit the left-double click+alt to "C:\programs\yourPhotoshoppath\Photoshop.exe" "%1".

  3. this thread may give you some hints:
    [Make RAR, 7z, ISO, etc. files open in Opus on double-click)

In future post please open a single thread or each topic.

For 3, this post (linked from the one abr mentioned) has the context menu definitions:

[Zip functionality for RAR files?)

Though if you used to be able to use the context menus and they've suddenly gone away, see if they appear if you hold shift when right-clicking. If they do it's because you've turned on the option to hide 3rd party context menus by default.

For 1, to be able to Open Containing Folder in New Tab, edit the Collection Item file type and can add a context menu item which runs this:


For 2, place a button in your toolbar and paste the following for the command:

"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Photoshop.exe" {allfilepath$}

Change the path to your Photoshop if needed.

You can select the files you want to open in PS and hit that button.

For 3, If you want to use a button to extract a archive to a folder of the same name, this is the code:


I have set Alt+F5 to add selected to zip and Alt+F6 to extract an archive.

Thanks for clarifying. Some forums want the topics separate for easier forum navigation and others get upset at members for making 3+ threads in the same subforum at the same time, so I wasn't sure what to do here.

[quote="leo"]For 1, to be able to Open Containing Folder in New Tab, edit the Collection Item file type and can add a context menu item which runs this:


This is exactly what I want to do, but it isn't working. My custom context menu item isn't even showing up.

I am going to:

Settings > File Types > Collection Item (selected) > Edit > New > Go OPENCONTAINER NEWTAB=findexisting (pasted)

Am I missing a step or doing this in the wrong place?

None of the photoshop tips in here are quite what I want to do. I already have images set up to be able to open in photoshop from a keyboard shortcut or context menu from the lister view, but I'm trying to open them in photoshop from the standalone viewer. I often scroll through images at full screen before deciding which one I want to open, and directory opus makes this inconvenient because I either have to minimize the image and search for it in the lister to open it or resize both the viewer and photoshop to halfscreen and drag it over. The windows viewer allows me to open the image directly in photoshop from the context menu. It's not that big of a deal as I can use directory opus and set the windows image viewer as the default, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't just overlooking an easy fix first.

The winrar tips worked. Thanks.

If you're displaying Find results in the separate Find window (or the Output window) then the collection item context menu won't be used. You'll need to send the Find results to a Lister for this to work.

Okay jon, this is progress. It's almost doing what I want. I'm seeing my custom item in my content menu now and it is opening in new tabs in the same window, so at least now I'm not getting a new window everytime I open a containing folder.

Is this hypothetical example possible?:

Lets say I have directory opus open and am at drive C on one side and drive D: on the other - right now I only have one directory opus window open.

I want to do a search for "zebra" in drive C, so I open the search function with ctrl + F while that side is active - I now have two directory opus windows open

The search results show I have matches in the My Documents folder. I would like to open the containing folder to see what else is in there and possibly drag some of it over to drive D, which is open in my other pane. Instead of the containing folder in a third window, is it possible to open it back in my original window, either replacing the drive C tab where I started the search or opening it in a new tab on the same side?

As it currently, it is opening them all in a third window. I can at least keep my search results under better control now, but I'd still like to do all my work within one window, although it's okay for the find window to be separate (I tend to open the folders that contain my results and close it anyway).

I hope I'm making sense.

Try using the Find Panel instead of the separate Find window (Tools / Find Panel) - this is embedded in the Lister and I think should make it do what you want.

If you move the viewer out of full-screen mode you can drag its window icon (top left of the titlebar) to photoshop to drop the file into the program.

You can also use Ctrl-T to tag the current file, if the lister you opened the viewer from is still open. Will make it easier to find.

When using the preview panel (not the viewer), you can double-click the image preview to do the same as double-clicking the file (which could open it in Photoshop if that's how double-click is set for the file).

If you want anything else, send a feature request.

BTW, as I feared, this thread has become difficult to follow. This is why we request that people ask one question per post.