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Issues with MTP

I noticed some issues when accessing/copying with DO with my new smartphone (MTP only :frowning:):

  1. Sometimes, when entering a folder, files/dirs within are not visible. Refresh doesn't help, I need to open the device (internal storage) a few times again.
  2. When copying and starting another copy-/move-operation, DO starts it but aborts with an error-message "...not allowed...". Maybe all operations with MTP should be queued automatically (force).
  3. When using "Drivebuttons" and e.g. "mtp,removables", MTP is always shown as last device (and not in order of the parameters).

1 & 2 are likely due to bugs in the Windows and Android MTP stacks, as the same can be seen in Explorer sometimes.

For 3, I don't think the order of the arguments matters. If you want drives listed in a particular order, split it into two Go DRIVEBUTTONS buttons, one for each type, in the order you want.

Thanks, didn't test it in Explorer (lots of work with unlocking, rooting, testing custom ROMs,... :wink:)...

Just for info: Issues occured with USB3.0, with USB2.0 it works!

But now DO crashed when copying from phone with drag'n'drop!

I want to reply to this, because MTP issues still exist with the current version (I'm on the beta 12.10.4).

MTP is unusable on DOPUS. I have reported this before for 11.0 and 12.0. File copies freeze almost always, but don't on normal File Explorer. Once it's frozen on the copy, it will not respond. I even have tried leaving it running overnight. The only thing that fixes it is unplugging the device, which leaves DOpus in a crashed state which is not caught by the program, so I have to force close it from Task Manager. I think there are more issues in DOpus related to MTP than Explorer, contrary to what you think. This is really annoying because I have always been forced to use File Explorer for MTP operations. I have not wanted to report recently, because I have believed it to be due to Windows System corruption. But 2 weeks ago I completely fresh installed my PC with a fresh USB install (Downloaded using a clean device). Issues still persist. I have confirmed this on multiple hardware configurations, even with different chipsets, processors, RAM, and GPU's. I have also had this issue with multiple phones and my media player which uses MTP.

As far as I can tell, it seems to freeze once the MTP device goes on standby. File Explorer continues to copy, but when my phone's screen turns off is when I often see the freeze happen in DOpus. It also happens to DOpus when multiple operations are being handled at once like opening a folder while files are copying. This does not happen in File Explorer.

We recommend using FTP instead of MTP if you're having problems. MTP just isn't very well designed or implemented by Windows, Android or anything else it seems.

My media player doesn't support installing apps on it, so I can't use FTP with it. Not sure why DOpus can't use MTP as well as File Explorer does for me.

Part of the issue with MTP is it can't handle multiple accessses at once, and sometimes hangs if it is attempted. It's sometimes hard to avoid, especially with the way Opus is structured.

But I've seen plenty of problems with MTP using Explorer as well. MTP just isn't very good, in our opinion. It's a shame modern devices are using it instead of the old USB mass storage, for wired connections, since that was rock solid.

I do wish Android would still provide the option to use Mass Storage. Really sucks that the only way is by rooting, which I just don't want to do any longer due to security hazards.