Issues with Opus 11 Trial

I started having significant issues with Directory Opus 10 on my Windows computer so I downloaded and installed Opus 11 trial over the top of Opus 10. Program appeared to install correctly but some features are missing. The "Commands" tab is missing from the Custom menu and their is no setting in "Preferences" to allow for double clicking the Desktop to launch Opus. May be additional issues but that is what I have discovered so far. If Directory Opus 11 trial is not a complete version then this may the problem. If the trial version is a full blown program then something has gone South. Would like to Upgrade but not going to waste my money if I am going to start off with issues.


That might be the reason for the problem you're seeing. A clean install is, if i remember correctly, much recommended, including an uninstall of the prevoious version. Thereafter you can restore you're configuration from your older install. The desktop double click feature should be definitely there in the trial, i'd say.

It sounds like you're trialing the light version. If you go to Help / License Manager you can switch to the Pro version which should bring back all the missing features.

Jon you nailed it. Thank You very much!