It is no longer possible to preview youtube videos in Windows 10 with DOpus

Hello developers! Many thanks for this great piece of software that you have developed!
I am using Directory Opus for a few years now and it is indeed awesome.
Here is my problem, that I am having for quite a while (maybe a year?): I can no longer preview links to websites, when that is a link to a youtube video. I am quite sure that that problem is related to de retirement of Internet Explorer by Microsoft and given that that is the base for "ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web Plugin" it makes sense.
Problem is that I have not managed to find an workaround/plugin to get the youtube previews back. Can you help me with that?

It's probably because YouTube no longer supports IE.

Until recently, there was no replacement/alternative to IE that provided a web browser control other desktop applications could use.

The new Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) now finally brings that functionality back with a modern browser. Unfortunately, the API is very immature and still changing. Once it settles down we will move the viewer over to it and make that the default instead of IE.

Thank your for clearing that out. I will wait.