It Really Does Work As Advertised

It Really Does Work As Advertised

I tried the official Opus support ticket site (for the third time) and guess what... it actually worked this time. I think it may have been down the day I had so much trouble with it dumping me out.

I got a little angry at that happening as it was starting to look like a lot of other software sites that just don’t want to help the user (or for that matter take any suggestions).

If I sounded a little crass at the time it was only because I have been burned on several other sites where the developers just did not care. After spending a lot of time writing up my suggestion only to be rebuffed by a buggy site or a developer that never cared to answer really turns me off.

I now have about one full week of experience of working with Opus and now know that the above is defiantly not that case.

Opus does care about users both old and new :stuck_out_tongue:

So, if I offended anyone; I apologize :blush: