Item in column list doesn't keep focus when ordering

Not a big issue but worth mentioning.
In the Folder formats > Edit format window there are two buttons for moving a column up or down in the list.
The problem is that after one click the focus is lost for the item that I was moving. So I can not repeatedly click up, up, up, up to move a column four places up.
I found out that I can drag the column into place but I think the buttons should do their work properly.

I just read in a more recent post that you'll fix this.

Glad to hear of the coming fix! Thought I was going crazy (well, crazier?) asI was hurrying through configuring a folder list and didn't notice the lost focus. So several items in the list kept moving up. I see the problem now.



You know you also can drag the columns in place. Might be even quicker if you have to move many places up or down.