Items disappear from Taskbar jump list if > 8 Layouts

I usually close Directory Opus by right-clicking the Taskbar icon and selecting "Exit Directory Opus". I just discovered that if I have more than 8 saved Lister Layouts "Exist Directory Opus" disappears from the menu.
Is there any setting I can change to make sure it stays on the menu?

Taskbar jump lists can only display a small number of items.

Unfortunately, the Windows API does not provide software with a way to query the maximum number of items, not any way to know if items were successfully added or not.

If too many items are added, Windows just ignores the extra ones.

The maximum number of items is adjustable via the registry if you want to increase it. Normally, the registry setting does not exist at all, so there's no way to know what the default maximum is (which may vary between OS versions, or even with screen height, etc.)

So if you add too many layouts to the jump list, and have too many layouts, then some of the other items will be pushed out of the list.

You can configure what is/isn't included in the jump list via Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Jump List. This includes the ability to include/exclude individual layouts.

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Thank you!