JPG rotation incorrect on long paths

Files on long path (>255 chars?) are shown with incorrect rotation.

The 2 files in the example picture are identical, just with a different name.
In this case, the complete path (just enough to fail) was 260 chars, inc. drive and subfolder.


We'll see if we can make that work.

But note that we don't (can't) guarantee that anything other than basic copy/move/rename/delete works on very long paths, as parts of the OS itself still don't support them (despite Microsoft's claims :)), as well as third-party libraries we don't always have control over, not to mention all the other tools you might run on things.

For that reason, we recommend shortening such paths where possible. (Even for people who don't use Opus, we recommend that. Those paths will cause lots of problems on Windows in general.)

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Gah... I know...

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We've found a way to fix that one, which will be in the next beta. :+1:

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Fixed in 13.1.2 beta.

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