Jscript syntax gets fubar'd on paste into button editor

I've attached a zip file with two files in it so you can diff them to see what happens.

The problem here is that when pasting an entire buttons worth of code for a Jscript Button into the button editor, various keywords are getting automatically modified by the Brainchild stuff I suppose, seemingly to meet VBscript syntax rules (true becomes True, etc), and the Jscript button naturally fails with syntax errors when you try to run it.

As a workaround, I reset the buttons Function type to Standard Function... and this allows me to paste the Jscript code in without it being modified... but this rather sucks to have to do.

Also, being able to paste the text in this workaround fashion doesn't entirely prevent the problem, as making subsequent manual edits to the code directly in the button editor also causes unwanted syntax corrections to be automatically made after you hit the space bar or hit enter after making a change - though here too I suppose you could get around by temporarily setting the button to Standard Function type, but again - boo.
my.zip (3.58 KB)

It's because you have @language jscript at the top of the script, which is deprecated and no longer recognised by the script editor. If you change it to @script it should work ok.

Thanks! That's what I get for hacking old stuff I first wrote during the beta's...