Jump list won't work

I have been able to get the jump list to work properly on my laptop but not my home system. In preferences I have set recent folders, 11 of the folders from my favorites list and one custom layout but right clicking on the Directory Opus icon on my taskbar all I get is Directory Opus and "Unpin this program from taskbar. (This probably is not related but I thought I would mention it. On my laptop I log in and use my administrator account but on my home system for security I usually login and use a user account, though the problem appears in my administrator account too).


Jerry Lee

Try un-pinning Opus, then pinning it again. Does that work?

What if you pin Opus to the Start menu; do you get the jump list then if you hover over the > arrow for it?

Thought I tried that but I tried it again and this time it worked! Thanks. Jerry