Junctions and symlinks in collection not displaying correct info in "Type" column

I have a collection that is all of my reparse points (junctions and one symlink) on my C:\ drive.

Under the "Type" column they all say "File Folder" (except the symlink to file "C:\swapfile.sys" which is listed as type "System File").

If I go to the folder that contains any of these reparse points the Type column correctly lists them as "Junction" (and the symlink as "System File (symlink)".

Also immediately after adding a new junction/symlink to the collection the Type column reads correctly, but if I close DOpus then restart it, the Type columns no longer contain "junction" or "(symlink)".

The type is also listed incorrectly if I do a "Print/Export Folder Listing".

DOpus: v12.29

Thanks for the report. We have a fix for that coming in the next beta.

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