Just a little one really :)

I would like to have a sound event for opening a toolbar.
Or even the ability to attach a sound to any button. This shouldn't be too difficult. The opening Toolbar could be a sound event setting in the main settings. With the button sound there could just be box wich could be ticked to activate it and then simply choose the desired sound. It could be quite usefull for certain commands or programs etc.

resource.dopus.com/modules/newbb ... rumpost235

thanks for the info although I'd still like it as a feature request.

I can't see the point of this. The Sounds preferences are for events that cannot have sounds configured in any other way.

Anything launched via a button doesn't need a sound to be in Prefs as it is a simple matter to add it to the button.

This method also leaves the flexibility to have different sounds for different instances of the same event - eg, different sounds for different toolbars opening.

firstly thank you the sound is now working :slight_smile:.
There are a few advantages to having the sound event built into the prefs.

  1. The sound event would be attached to the opening of the button bank rather than to the pressing of the button that opens it. You see the while my sound event now works but it plays approximately 1second before the button bank actually opens. I could adjust this with a wait command but that all gets a bit fiddley.
  2. Nicompoops like myself can easily attach a sound event without asking how to do it and the former method would still work for those that wish to use that.
  3. Maybe if not adding opening toolbars to the main prefs section what about the suggestion to add a sound event selector thing to the actual button edit window. That would be as flexible as you say and would simply be a case of activating that options and then choosing your sound wich could then be different for each button.

The reason why I posed this question is the first time I tried the whole thing by entering the play command however then it used windows media player to play the sound. Presumable it's still doing that even with the quiet option.

I don't think Opus ever uses Windows Media Player for the Play command.

It opens a window, unless the QUIET option is set, and will use the same codecs as WMP, but WMP itself shouldn't be involved unless you doulbe-click on a file and have WMP set as your media player.

The window you see from the default Play command is part of Opus, rather than WMP.