Kaspersky + XP SP3 freezes

Sent a support request to both Kaspersky and Dopus. The problem can be on either end. Working w/windows explorer for the time being and feeling like i want to gouge my eyes out.

Anti-virus software should be transparent to other applications so it seems likely (though not 100% certain, of course) that the problem is at Kaspersky's end.

Alerting GPSoftware to the issue doesn't hurt though and might help them deal with similar reports.

Send request to MS, it's SP3!

I am having the same problem, except I still use SP2. I have not upgraded and I have automatic updates turned off.

I too have DO 9 and KAV 2009

Now using KAV 2008 since KAV 2009 is still buggy.

I have the same problem under XP pro SP3 with KIS 2009. I just found out that the problem does not occur when Directory Opus starts after KIS has loaded at startup.

If I understand correctly Phonemes, you are only starting Dopus after KIS has fully loaded ?

I normally load Dopus at startup. But I was fooling around to see if I could understand what was happening. And I found out that the problem disappeared if I started Dopus manually after KIS had loaded.

I have opened a support ticket with Kaspersky Labs to alert them of the problem. When they answer, I will post the result here.

I never load Dopus at startup but I've the problem with KAV 2009. So the workaround cannot help me :frowning:

Seems to me that DO users can better stay away from KIS 2009 for the time being. Am happy to have read the above as well as the thread in the Kaspersky forum
("KIS 2009 Problem with Directory Opus, Can't use mouse to close Dopus windows"), so I will stick to KIS7 v.
As a matter of fact, I wás using the DO + KIS7.0.0.325 combo but went back to ..125 as it was slowing down the launch of DO considerably.
forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?sh ... =66749&hl=

it works fine! everything goes right in this case :smiley:

I sent logs to the kaspersky support site. 5 days ago i received the following:


On Your problem situation an error has been created in our internal form. We shall put all our forces on finding a solution of this problem.
We will inform you as soon as solution is suggested.

Thanks for Your help and patience!

Best regards,
Kaspersky Lab Support Team

Sent them an email asking for the current status - but they have confirmed they are supposedly working on it.

Excellent technical support! Can I copy this response for the next person who submits a tech support request to GPSoftware please ? :slight_smile:


In kav/kis 2009 you may uncheck "settings->Options->Disable extrnal service control"


Sorry, but that doesn't work for me. I still see the same problems: cannot use the mouse to close Dopus windows and subwindows like the settings dialogue or the search windows remain white.

Same problem for me...
after kill kis process opus windows are still freezed.
exiting opus and starting again not resolving freezed windows!
I can close dopus windows only via taskbar.
Sometimes freezing is permanent sometimes only for few seconds.
But in most cases i see dopus.exe process with 50% of using CPU and "stop responding" blinking form time to time in Task Manager.

Hope it will be fixed soon...

It's sad that Kaspersky still haven't fixed the problem over a month after it was reported to them. :frowning: I don't think there is anything which can be done on the Opus/GPSoftware side of things.

its any chance to debug that error in dopus?

just check why opus takes 50% of cpu usage or what function of kis blocking dopus??

maybe this help to find temporary solution or give a clue how to fix to the kaspersky team.

There's not much I can think of doing that Kaspersky can't do themselves.

Using Process Explorer on a machine with the problem may point them in the direction of the API/thread that's going wrong. (Right-click dopus.exe in Process Explorer, then go to the Threads tab and one of the threads will probably have a very high Cycles Delta. Very high as in in the millions or billions. If you click the Stack button on that thread it might reveal which Windows API function is being called, or at least which DLL the function is in.)

I don't have Kaspersky myself so, given that there isn't much I can do that Kaspersky themselves can't do and given the high likelihood that the problem is theirs to fix, I don't want to go to the effort of installing Kaspersky to investigate things, given how much trouble it can be to remove anti-virus software afterwards, and the problems caused by having more than one anti-virus suite installed on the same machine.

Note: I'm not part of GPSoftware so they may feel differently, but I suspect there isn't much they can do either, at least which Kaspersky cannot do themselves by simply installing Opus and seeing what happens.

There is a remover tool that entirely gets KIS from your system...
So that may not be the issue.
I admit, two different anti-virus programs, I often hear they are conflicting one way or the other.

That aside, it is a bit weird to have paid for two outstanding programs and users like me are afraid to upgrade
and are stuck to using older but still working (no systemfreezing) versions ...