Keep file highlighted for next procedure

I have setup buttons with the (great) options that launch files in the program they don't normally launch in. This is very helpful whit web based files that I want in Dreamweaver or Notepad++ at times. Normally these would launch in Firefox and I want that some times. An example of the way I do this (learned here in the forum) is;
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS6\Dreamweaver.exe" {filepath}
This works great, the only thing that is not what I want, is that after I launch the file it is left with a hollow box around it and not with the blue selection box which I think is called focused. With this hollow box it is not ready to be launched again from another application, I have to click it with the mouse to turn it selected again. How could I get this file to remain focused so I don't have to click on it again?


  • Turn off Preferences / File Operations / Options / Deselect files used in functions (affects all buttons)


  • Add a line with @nodeselect to the top of bottom of the command (affects only that button; click Advanced in the button editor if it is not in multi-line mode)