Keep Flat View mode on

brand new to this but looks great

i have folder tree on left and when i click a folder the contents (subfolders or files) show on the pane to the right and then i have to click the flat view icon on the top bar and it then shows the subfolders and files which is what i need

however when i click another folder in the folder tree i have to click the flat view icon again

i would like flat view to show automatically on the right pane every time without having to click the icon

is this possible and if so could anyone please tell me how

many thanks in advance


Turn off this option:

Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Cancel Flat View mode when folder is changed

Many thanks jon

excellent software

i knew it would be easy but there are so many preferences i would have been looking for at least a week



There's a search filter at the bottom of the Preferences window to help. e.g. You could type "flat" there to find settings related to flat view.

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yes thanks Leo

to be honest i just needed to get started as i had tried treesize and commander etc and both seemed dated but this seemed much better but as there are so many features it was frustrating as a beginner but will now use instead of explorer and will spend time learning more

regards Paul