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Keep getting a popup that an error occurred reading a folder

I frequently get a popup box with this message:

An error occurred reading folder: The system cannot find the path specified. (3)

Below it gives me an option of Retry, Parent, or Abort.

I then have to click through it a few times to close it. None of the buttons help.

It will come up when I have Directory Opus open, but often (maybe always) I am working in a different application. Any ideas what could cause this or how to fix it?

What is the folder it's trying to read?

I don't know. I am usually not in Directory Opus, but it is open.

If you turn off Explorer Replacement (Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement), does something happen in an Explorer window instead? Or does something open, like a Settings window?

Nothing happened right away. I did notice that this happened this time when I was in Outlook and in a new message I clicked on Attach File. I do that often and maybe that is always what causes this to happen.

I changed the preferences back to Explorer Replacement. Later on I was working in an Excel spreadsheet and the errors occurred again. Should I turn off Explorer Replacement again?

Is there an action that seemed to trigger it? Was a file dialog opening from Excel like in Outlook, or is that unrelated in the end?

Not that I can tell. I think I just entered a number or a formula into a cell in Excel when it happened. I don't think there were any links to other files.

Something quite strange going on there. My guess is another program in the background is randomly triggering requests to open folders, or maybe something that Explorer would ignore but Opus tries to open if it's set as Explorer Replacement. We haven't had any similar reports.

A script add-in could also be causing it, but that's unlikely if the problem stops happening when Explorer Replacement is turned off. (Unless it was only turned off for a short time, and maybe the problem just didn't happen in that time? Might be worth a try to turn it off for longer, if so.)

You could try catching the problem while Process Monitor is logging. The logs may then reveal which software is triggering the problem and possibly shine a light on what's happening.

Thanks. I will try turning off Explorer Replacement for a longer time and see if it occurs again. If it does, I will try the Process Monitor.

I've been living with it for several months now. I don't even remember if it has occurred on my home computers or just on my office computer.