Keep highlight item when refresh?


Is it possible to stop the default behaviour of losing the current highlight when doing a refresh (F5) ?

Currently, a refresh make the highlight go the the first item in the files pane ?

Version : Latest
OS : Win7 32bit
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Thank you.

Not as far as I know.

That's a pity.

I need to keep on pressing F5 because DO does never automatically update/see the increasing sizes of files in the pane or on the Status Bar , which I watch closely when converting a movie or downloading something. I'm really out of ideas, and it's happening on both partition installs, XP & Win7.
I need to keep pressing F5 and then re-select the file in question to see how large it currently is. :confused:
I've done the debug thing before but I didn't get any help/solution from it.

I think I've seen that while a file is being written but the correct size is shown once it finishes.

It's not ideal - but maybe sort by modified date when you're converting files like this? Then shouldn't the file being written to appear at the top/bottom of the list so you can easily select it to see the file size - or just see the file size in the size column...?

Otherwise, maybe submit a feature request to GPsoft asking for the @nodeselect modifier to work the way you want with Go REFRESH commands... or some other argument for the Go command as a solution...

Just an update,

today on the XP partition, on the F-drive it worked just fine as it should while encoding a movie.
Now I'm completely stumped, but I guess it's an almost impossible thing to reproduce or find the exact cause of why
it doesn't update sometimes, and why it does sometimes.

I'm having the same problem, I think. Are folder sizes in the lister supposed to update automatically?

When I move items to folders, the folders never update the size. I've always clicked back and then reopened the folder to refresh the amounts. Or occasionally clicked the "GETSIZES" button, but I found that it doesn't always work. Going back and then re-entering the folder (double clicking it not pressing forward), will always refresh to the new sizes.

Did some testing. And one time moving a file to an empty folder updated the size right away, while files moved to other empty folders in the same drive directly after that, didn't update. Tried on multiple drives.

The status bar seems to be updating quickly when moving files across.

Could I have messed a setting up. Or could something conflict with it?

No, they're not.