Keep invalid path names in Path field to correct them later?


Let's say I have an existing DirOpus lister which points to a valid path. As I want to go to a different location I type in a new but invalid path (due to a typo). An error message is then displayed, that the path cannot be found. Clicking on "Abort" will revert the location to the previous one.

Is there a setting to avoid this? I don't want to type in everything again just to correct the typo...

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I can't remember how Opus 11 behaved, but in Opus 12, after clicking Abort focus is returned to the path field with the incorrect path string still available for editing.

Hi Jon!

Thanks for your help! Although I'm listed here as Opus11 user (registered for the company I working at) I also registered Opus 12 (privately) thus I am using and referring to version 12.

Clicking on "Abort" I can see, that the location/path edit field still contains the invalid path for a short time and then it's automatically reverted to the previous value.

Could it be, that a wrong configuration is causing this change?

That's not how it behaves here (and not something that Opus is doing, that I can think of). Do you maybe use any tools to give focus automatically to the window under the mouse pointer or something like that?

It may depend if you use the actual path field (always visible above the file display; F4, Alt-D, or Ctrl-L all work as hotkeys) or the Find-as-you-Type field (appears at the bottom o the file display if you start typing into the file display itself).

The path field acts as Jon describes, and lets you edit the path after clicking Abort in the error dialog. The FAYT field doesn't give you a chance to re-edit the path as it is hidden when you push return.

Hi Leo, Hi Jon!

As I created the thread I verified several times whether I am able to reproduce it...and I could. I retested again 5min ago and I'm really not able to reproduce it. Really strange and sorry for that! As far as I know I don't have any automatically focus tools installed.

I will keep an eye on it for one week. If it doesn't occur again, I will mark the thread as solved.

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Hi again!

It took some time but now I was able to reproduce it...a little bit different to what I described:

A lister points to a valid path. I enter the network path \\server and press takes a LONG time, as I'm using the company VPN connection and my local (router) domain is missing. Now I press the "Abort" button to add the missing part of the domain, but in this case the location is reverted to the previous one. How can I avoid this? Is this the desired behaviour?

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