Keep left pane of tabs when launched by another app?

This issue happens on both of my Windows 10 Pro machines. I use DOpus in "Dual Vertical" mode and I use it as a replacement for Windows Explorer. (meaning that if anything tries to open a folder location DOpus will be used)

The issue happens when DOpus is not running (for example: because it failed to load when my computer started OR because I exited DOpus) and then an app opens a folder location which causes that folder location to open in DOpus. When DOpus displays the requested folder it removes all of the tabs that were previously open in the left pane the last time DOpus was running causing me to loose roughly half of the tabs I had open.

Instead DOpus should add the new folder as a new tab in addition to the previous set of tabs that were open in the left pane. This should especially be the case since I have the setting Launching Opus -> Startup -> "Open the Listers that were open when the program was last closed" enabled.

Not a bug. I've edited the subject/tags accordingly.

Turn on the two options at the bottom of Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open external folders in a new tab if you want to always have your default lister tabs when opening a window for a particular folder:


@Leo Thanks for the quick response! I already had "Open external folders in a new tab" enabled. Unfortunately if I additionally enable "Open all Default Lister tabs when opening a new window" and then an app opens a folder (which will open in DOpus) two things happen:

  1. Now I no longer loose the tabs in the left pane - which is great
  2. I now loose any listers other than the main/default lister - which is bad / seems like a bug

What do you think?

You lose other listers?

Do you mean the other windows are open until you double-click a folder, and then they all close? They should not happen, unless you've configured something in an unusual way.

Or do you mean the program is not running when you double-click a folder, and it only opens one window (the default lister with all your tabs, plus the folder you double-clicked)? That should be the same whether the second option is on or off, and would always have behaved in that way.

If the program is launched on its own, Preferences / Launching Opus / Startup / Open the Listers that were open when the program was last closed can make it re-open any windows which it remembered the last time it was exited.

But if you launch the program via double-clicking a folder, it's always only that folder (plus any other tabs in the default lister, if Open all Default Lister tabs... is on) which will open, never any other windows in response to a double-click on a folder outside of Opus. You would need to ensure the program is running first before double-clicking if you want to restore old windows.

Or you can save your old windows into a Lister Layout and save and load them as you please, which is much less fragile than relying on Opus to remember what was open last time it closed. That's better, if the windows are important to you.


Yes, I have this setting enabled already.

I think this is the issue. I was expecting that even if I launch Opus by double clicking on a folder outside of Opus that all of the Lister windows that had been open during my last use of Opus would re-open. Based on what you are saying though, this is not the way Opus was designed.

The Lister windows are important to me. I guess I may have to try to figure out how to create a script that uses OnOpenTab at some point in the future to automatically save my open windows into a Lister Layout. I would not want to save the Lister Layout manually each time since the directories that I have open change often, I might forget to save, and also because if it was scripted I would expect it to save me from losing Tabs and Lister windows when Opus crashes on rare occasion.

End result...

  • At least now I think I understand what the expected behavior is
  • I know that if I can figure out how to create the script I should be able to use it to work around the issue
  • Alternatively it seems I can just try to always remember to manually launch Opus prior to double clicking on any directories outside of Opus

Thanks again for the help Leo.

I'm not sure I completely understand the issue here, but would "Launch Directory Opus automatically on system startup" help?


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, no, this would not help since I already use this setting. Typically the scenario where Opus is not running is one of the following:

  • Opus failed to start automatically at startup even though I have that setting enabled
  • I manually exited Opus previously