Keep On Top: Top-level and Delete

A confirmation dialog from Delete appears under a lister.
Other dialogs (from Copy/Move[As]) appear correctly, on top the lister.

Directory Opus Pro (4645) x64
OS 6.0 (B:6002 P:2 T:1) SP 2.0 "Service Pack 2"

I can't reproduce that.

Which dialog is it? (Post a screenshot if you're not sure.) Are you using the recycle bin or a deleting the files directly?

If the dialog is coming from the shell then it's possible Vista is doign something different to Windows 7; I haven't tried on Vista yet.

This is a dialog titled "Confirm File Delete - Directory Opus"; Text: "Really send the file 'aaaaaaaaaaa.png' to the Recycle Bin?".
The dialog that comes from Explorer is slightly different: it has thumbnail and is localised (I use English for DOpus).
Other symptoms:

  • after some time a things tend to normalise - Delete dialog appears on top on lister. If than I toggle "Keep On Top" to "No" and again to "Top Level" the problem cannot be reproduced for that lister, but can be reproduced for any other lister for which I set "Keep On Top: Top Level".
  • if Delete dialog is obscured by lister and then I click on the lister the Delete dialog is bring on top and cannot be obscured again.

This is what I'm doing, and I haven't seen a problem so far:

[ul][li]Open a new lister (not on-top by default).[/li]
[li]Click the window icon, then select Keep On Top -> Top-Level.[/li]
[li]Select a file, then push Delete on the toolbar.[/li][/ul]

What are the exact steps you do to reproduce the problem?

Just tried to reproduce problem:

Double click on desktop - This opens default lister - "Computer" in my case.
Click on D: drive.
Click the window icon, then select Keep On Top -> Top-Level.
Select directory.
Push Delete from the toolbar ("Delete SHIFT" is set in my case).
This causes either opening dialog "Deleting" (coutning files), or "Confirm File Delete", in both cases obscured by lister.

That's the same as what I've been trying, without seeing it so far.

Under Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators, do you have Delayed progress indicators turned on? Mine is on and set to 400ms. Changing the delay may affect things, if the issue only happens if a progress dialog appears at just the wrong time or something like that.

This happens also for single files, where size of data to delete should be known instantly.
400ms (was 800ms before) did not make a difference.
And this rather does not explain why things tend to normalize (after some time, or in result of action that I was unable to observe).

Anyway, if no one else is reporting such behaviour, it may be something specific to my system.
Thanks for investigation.

Related issue (I think that it does not deserve for separate thread):
"Keep On Top: Top-level" state is not correctly preserved between program's runs.
After exiting DOPus and launching it again "Keep On Top: Top-level" is set for a lister, but this setting is not actually effective.
It must must be toggled to "No" and then to "Top-level" to be effective.

BTW. some additional info regarding main topic:
GetSizes is not affected. Appropriate dialog appears after specified timeout and is not obscured by lister.
After that all subsequent dialogs from Delete (for that lister) appear correctly and are not obscured by lister too.

Directory Opus Pro (4645) x64
OS 6.0 (B:6002 P:2 T:1) SP 2.0 "Service Pack 2"

It seems to work fine here. If I turn it on, save that as the new Default Lister, then restart Opus, the new window is on-top.

Are you sure you don't have anything installed which modifies the way window positioning works?

Hmm... I have WindowBlinds installed but not loaded. And I do not see anything related to StarDock, WindowBlinds, or path where it is installed in ProcessExplorer's DLL View for dopus.exe, nor for explorer.exe (not checked for other processes).

P.S. I'm just reporting anomaly in hope that this can help in resolving possible problem in DOpus. If it cannot be reproduced by you I don't intend to waste your time for investigating problem specific for my system.