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Keep on Top

Morning :slight_smile:

Is there a way (maybe I've missed it) to make a 'keep on top' easy access command on the toolbar?
If not, then feature request as I use it frequently.

Thanks so much,

Opus 12

Buttons which run Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOn and Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOff can be put on the toolbar to turn keep-on-top on and off more conveniently.

For a toggle button:


(How to add buttons from this forum to your toolbars in case it is needed.)

Wow, that is way cool :thumbsup:
Gosh, new vistas opening up.

Thanks Leo!

Now, am I being too picky or is there a way I can make the button change color when it's on or off?
Never hurts to ask ya know :wink:

You can do that by adding this @toggle line to the top:

@toggle:if Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOn @if:Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOn Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOff @if:Else Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOn

This is getting really fun :smiley:
Opus has customizations I'm just beginning to discover.

So now it toggles the background regular off/grey on.

Any way I can change the grey to another color?
I tried in customize but it only changed the color of the font.

Also there is an option for second icon.
My preference would be one icon for on/another for off.

Is there somewhere I could learn how to make commands for special buttons?

okay, I see this...

XML button definitions

Some posts contain blocks of XML which define all aspects of a button (or even a menu containing several buttons). As well as the command (like in the example above), they define the button's icon, label and other attributes.

Don't worry, you don't need to know anything about XML. You just need to copy the text and paste it to your toolbar to create the button.

~Where would those posts be/I can't seem to locate.

Maybe this gives you a hint. It looks, like you only have to include your own icons:!Documents/Icon%20Sets/Icon_Set_XML_Definition_File.htm

You can make the button use different icons for each state using @icon, like so:

@toggle:if Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOn @icon:showmarkedpictures,LISTERCMD=OnTopOn @icon:viewerzoomfit,LISTERCMD=OnTopOff @if:Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOn Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOff @if:Else Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOn

If you paste that into the button the @icon words should turn blue. Double-click them and it will open an icon chooser, should you wish to use different ones. I went with the built-in icons for "showmarkedpictures" and "viewerzoomfit" as they somewhat fit this purpose as well (even if they weren't designed for it), at least with the Windows 10 flat icons.

Thanks Leo and abr...

This is absolutely fantastic :thumbsup:
I've changed the icons to my preference (no offense Leo :wink: ) and already seeing so many possibilities for changing any icons to my liking.

Next question, the gray background when an icon is on, is there any way to change that to a color of preference?

After all these years learning how to customize Opus (which sets it apart from all others) is pretty darn exciting.
I've done a few brain retraining things to soften the dyslexia so I can process information like left brained folks :wink:
Many things I love about dyslexia and how the brain perceives information but also being able to process info in a left brained manner comes in handy.

Biggest hugs,

Oh, never mind/poking around just found how to change the background when a button is on.
This is truly such an impressive app/the more I learn, the more impressed.

Thanks for all your help~signing off