Keeping files selected while being modifyed by other program

Greetings. :slight_smile:

I would really like to be able to replace explorer.exe by DOpus, but i found some strange behaviour in DOpus which keeps me from doing so.

I have to deal with large ammounts of pictures on a daily basis. So i keep photoshop open on my main monitor and explorer in thumbnail viewmode on the second one. Then i select 5 pictures at once, drag them into photoshop and edit them. After i am done with those 5 pictures, i select the next five. Rinse repeat.

The thing is, when i do this in DOpus, it deselects the thumbnail of the pic i am working on, as soon as i save it and the new thumbnail is getting rendered, which is very confusing and interrupting my workflow.

Is there any option i have missed or any other solution to make DOpus keep those files selected?

Another issue: If i turn on the built in zip handler, dopus sets some generic zip icon. I tried to assign my own icon, which works well for rar, but not for zip. Any idea?

Thanks in advance,

This is probably happening because when you save the new images in Photoshop it deletes (or renames) the old files and then writes new files with the same name. Technically, the old files that were selected no longer exist.

Maybe Opus could detect a new file appearing shortly after an old, selected one with the same name was deleted (or renamed) but I don't think it does at the moment.

I just had a look at this and it seems that if Opus is set to handle zip files then it re-writes the registry data, including the icon, each time it is restarted.

I will file a report with GPSoft asking that this be changed.

If you are familiar with editing registry permissions then you can work around the problem by changing the Zip icon and then denying Set Value access to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\OpusZip\DefaultIcon and then restarting Opus and Explorer (or rebooting). I wouldn't recommend doing this if you're unfamiliar with registry permissions, though.

Hello Leo,

thanks alot for your quick response. Yes, i am familiar with registry editing, it is working flawless now, thanks for that! :slight_smile:

About the selection problem: Think you could file a report with GPSoft about this one too, or could i file a report myself? I am not a customer right now, i am just on the 60day trial and exactly this issue is the reason that keeps me from buying DOpus right now.

After using DOpus for a few days now, i don't really feel like using explorer for anything anymore.. :wink:

Thanks again,