Keeping folders/files selected in Explorer view

In Explorer view the folders are on the left and the files are on the right. I keep a temporary folder appropriately named "temp" that I copy files there to work with and then end up deleting them.

There have been so many times that I click on the folder name to list the files on the right side and after working with them select them and then hit delete. It turns out that the folder was still selected too which means the folder gets deleted too.

Is there a setting somewhere that allows only one folder or file to be selected at a time to avoid this?

I think what's happening is not just that the temp folder is still 'selected' in the folder tree... but that after working with it's files in the file display, you are somehow resetting the focus back on the folder tree. For instance, if you click on the temp dir in the folder tree, then higlight some of it's files to the right inside the file display area, then click on some of the empty white space inside the folder tree... the folder tree will indeed take focus. If you then press delete, this will certainly delete the folder in the tree. If you KNOW you're not clicking inside the folder tree - and something else is somehow setting the focus there... then consider adding the NOFROMFOCUS argument to whatever button or key binding you're using to 'delete'. This should make it so that it always operates on the file display... but then of course you need to be careful that you don't try and delete items selected from the folder tree.

After I posted, I tried to reproduce it and could only do what you said is probably happening. I'll keep a close eye on it the next time it happens to make sure I'm not making the folder tree the focus. If I find it's not me, I'll post again. Thanks!

If you add NOFROMFOCUS to the Delete hotkey then it will only ever delete from the source file display, and ignore the tree altogether.