Keeping 'my computer' lister arranged by type and sort in gr

I am sure I used to be able to hold the 'my computer' lister sorted by type and arranged in groups. Since some recent update (?) I seem to lose the setting I want when switching out of my computer and back. I have resorted to excluding the my computer lister from control by DOpus.

I cannot find clear instructions in the manual as to how display settings are retained. Is the 'my computer' lister a special case? Has anything changed in recent updates?

Any help would be appreciated. Just a niggle but used to work ok.

I usually (always?) find the changes I make to My Computer (and similar places) are stored if I close the lister after I've made the changes.

Changing to another directory instead of closing the window seems to sometimes mean the changes don't get saved.

I have Update Default Lister settings when Listers are closed disabled in Prefs. But I've found that in order to retain any changes to the 'My Computer' lister view, I can hit the Settings->Set As Default Lister menu option. Now, I also have My Computer as the starting 'folder' when I open a lister, so setting the current view as the 'default' is ok for me. If you do NOT use this as your starting folder I wonder if you could adjust your My Computer view settings, run the menu option, but then switch back to your normal starting folder and run it again to preserve your desired starting folder. Would the My Computer view format still be saved ok...?

Note- and I do indeed have my 'My Computer' view set to be sorted by 'Type' and 'Show in Groups'.

Many thanks to both of you who responded on this matter. I simply tried Nudel's advice to close the lister after making sort changes. Why did I not think of that (and why does the manual not have a clear instruction as to how to save the 'specialised' listers)?

I have now re-enabled Opus as the complete replacement for Explorer again and all is well with the world! :smiley: