Keeping my context-menu modifications when upgrading to DO13

Apologies if this has already been discussed.

I just installed DO13 as a trial. One thing that I noticed is that it has eliminated a lot of the context-menu customizations that I made in DO12.

Is there a simple way to get those customizations back? The new features seem quite useful, but I'd be bummed if I had to re-build those customizations from scratch :frowning:

Also, I would be willing to assassinate people at your direction if you ever figured out how to release DO for MacOS. :slight_smile:

Which context menus were the changes in?

It's the "lister" context menu that doesn't have my previous modifications.

This is the only "Lister" menu I can think of, but it's not a context menu. Is this the one you mean?

Not sure if this helps, but ...
This is the modification that I made using DO12 ...

This is what my context menu looked like when I right-clicked in an empty spot within DO12.

This is what the context menu looks like after the upgrade to DO13.

Ah, sorry for my misunderstanding. That menu has been renamed (to group all the related ones together) and I forgot that was the old name.

If you go to /Buttons (paste that into the path field and push return), is there a backup or your previous menu there, or in the Menus sub-dir?

Thank you.

Yes. There appears to be a backup (see screenshot).

Also, the XML within the highlighted file (ContextMenu (Backup 20240124).dop) seems to refer to my old context-menu.

You should be able to copy that over the file next to it to get your old menus back. (If it doesn't work from just doing that, use File > Exit Directory Opus, then re-launch.)

When 13 was first installed, it should only have updated toolbars/menus which had not been edited.

But it would also have offered to update all the other ones, so if you said yes to that then it explains why it was changed. The backups it created should let you revert to your old toolbars/menus, in any case.

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That worked. Thanks very much.

But it would also have offered to update all the other ones, so if you said yes to that then it explains why it was changed.

I'm pretty sure this was the "problem" that I was having, but it wasn't clear to me whether I should tick that checkbox during the install or not and I must have made the wrong decision.

One more question.

Is there a way to get ride of the dark stripe that shows up on the left side of the new context menu?

It's not critical. It just clashes a little with some of my custom icons.

Thank you again.

Turn off Use legacy Office-style toolbars at the top of:

Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Directory Opus Colors / Toolbars: Office-Style

(Or edit the colors.)

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Thanks for your help. I just upgraded (FWIW).

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