Keyboard layout like NC

Hi all...

I just started to test DO and i must say it's almost same powerfull as it was under Amiga... But i have a little problem with configuring keyboard layout.

I love Norton Commander keyboard layout (function keys, cursors moving and so) but i can't do one litle thing. I don't know how to configure "Insert" button to work like in NC selecting item and moving 1 position down (eg. to hold down Instert and select multiple files without touching mouse or pressing space and then cursor down to move to next item.) Is there any way to do that?

I don't know of a way to do it using the Insert key but you can do the same thing using the cursor keys along with shift (to select ranges starting with the current item) and ctrl (to move the current item without extending the range or affecting any existing selections).

(Yes, it will allow you to select two or more separate blocks.)

In terms of using the actual Insert key, the closest related command I could find with a quick search is Select NEXT but that seems to deselect any existing selection (it's intended for moving through files in the image viewer) so isn't much use to you here.

I know this shortcuts with shift or ctrl (wide used), but this is now what i want.

I want to make key working like insert key in norton/total/midnight commander (or old amigas File/disk manager) that it invert selection of actual highlighted item and move to next item.

For example, when we have "keyboard cursor" over selected item insert should deselect it and move to next item, but if we are under deselected item Insert key should select it and also move to next item. Simple but wery usefull.

and btw., is there a chance for ".." position in filelist? a pseudolink to parent directory... Also well known from varius filemanagers.

Guess you should drop a feature request into the form on the GPSoft website.

In terms of the ".." thing, Greg and Jon have said in the past that they won't add this but there are plenty of alternatives, such as just having a parent button on the toolbar (which is always there; you don't have to scroll up to it or anything silly) or using the pop-out navigation buttons (again, requires no scrolling, and also in the same top-left corner of the file list as you'd find the ".." item -- set the pop-out delay to zero and you can parent up instantly by clicking the top-left of the file list) or a hotkey or the parent button on the file display border, etc.

I know this is an old subject. I just want to know if this has been solved: select file with insert (or any other key)

Something like:
Select NEXT

but without deselecting all other files.

I just refuse to believe that something so simple is not possible.

I don't know if a request was ever sent to GPSoftware (if not it isn't in their to-do database) but AFAIK there still isn't a command to select the next file without deselecting the others.