Keyboard mapping like MacOS Finder?

Has anyone made a custom keyboard mapping to emulate the MacOS Finder behaviour, e.g. cursor left right to enter/exit folders, return to rename, etc.? I find it way more intuitive than the wacky default keyboard control in Opus (cursor left right scrolls the window left right, wth?).

The "wacky default" that is the standard in almost all Windows applications. :slight_smile:

You can change what hotkeys do under Customize Toolbars > Keys, but then you'll have one program that works one way and every other program on the same computer that works another. Up to you!

sic yes I will adjust it all myself then :slight_smile:
I hoped someone might have already done that and saved the settings to share.

I am probably not the only one who uses MacOS at work and would like his DirectoryOpus at home to have the same keyboard shortcuts. Especially since the Windows shortcuts are truly nonsensical. I mean who in their right mind would ever want to use left/right cursor keys to scroll the window view left right?

I'm still not sure if you're joking. :slight_smile:

It's not a complex setting to change.

You can find the existing keys there for Backspace (runs the command to go up a level) and double-click it to change the hotkey to Left Arrow.

You can also find F2 (runs the command to rename files in the file display, without opening the Rename dialog) and change it to Enter similarly.

  • Note that Enter is a special case that you can't type directly into the hotkey control (since it will normally act the same as clicking OK in a dialog). You can change a hotkey to Enter via the menu in the / arrow on the right of the the hotkey control. (More detail in the manual page on the hotkey editor.)

The only key that you need to make from scratch is the one for Right Arrow, which you should make run Go FROMSEL

Wow, thanks for the help! (And yes it is a bit complicated, judging by your explanation)

Not too serious, but I already wrote it:
Looking through the Dopus help on my default options for rename, I just figured out why Windows keyboard shortcuts bother me sooo much: F2 is the rename key! Could it be any more obscure? Who doesn't use rename thousands of times daily. It should be on return, or space, but not F2. The other defaults are middle mouse button (great idea, that's on the wheel, e.g. moves the selection too easily by accident), and, the best: clicking, waiting, then clicking. This has to be the most egregious and terrible idea ever invented. Yes, most of the time I accidentally start a program because I didn't wait quite long enough between my two clicks.

F2 has been Rename in Windows for over 20 years, if not more (I can't remember farther back than Windows 95).

It may not be what you are used to if you have not used Windows much before, but the decades old standard Windows hotkeys hardly qualify as obscure. :slight_smile:

I would still call it obscure it was an obscure choice back then and it still is an obscure choice today.

Btw: I forgot the fourth default choice for rename, use the right-click menu and select rename. What a great idea, if Windows were finally able, in 2017, to display this menu at anything but glacial speed. There must be hordes of coders who do nothing at Microsoft and other companies but try to make this right-click menu appear as slowly and laggy as possible :slight_smile:

That probably isn't due to Windows. Delays in right-click menus are usually caused by 3rd party shell extensions which are doing too many calculations (or even doing ridiculous things like talking to network servers) when they are asked which menu items they want to display for a file.

If turning on Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides) speeds things up, that was the problem. The FAQs section has a guide on narrowing down the cause of slowdowns to a particular extension if you want to fix it.