Keyboard shortcut for Open target folder

Hello there! First time posting :sweat_smile:

I'd like to have a keyboard shortcut (ideally CTRL+ENTER) that gets me to the target folder when I use it on a shortcut file. I can do that in the left-click menu ("Open target's folder") but I'd like to skip that step.

I found something for my problem on this website, but the tidbit of text that I want.. well I can't see it on any of my devices, for an unknown reason.

Can anyone help me?

I've fixed the linked post. An update to the forum software broke a lot of the old posts which use code tags, unfortunately.

For your question:

  • Select Settings > Customize Toolbars, then click the Keys tab.

  • Make a new Lister Hotkey:


  • Click the arrow on the right of the hotkey field to open a menu for special keys like Enter. Hold Ctrl and click Enter in the menu to set the hotkey to Ctrl+Enter.


  • Set the command to:


    (Remove NEWTAB if you want it to change folders in the existing tab.)

  • Finally, click OK in the Command Editor, and then click OK in the Customize window.

Thank you so much! :smiley:

Would it be ok to make it a system wide hotkey if I want to be able to use it on desktop?

It wouldn’t work outside of Opus.

Just tried and realized that :rofl:
It definitely worked, but it also 'submitted' this post cause you know... ctrl + enter.

I played around for a while, using AutoHotkey script to perform some DOpus operations:

>^g::   ;Right Ctrl+G

send ^c
Filepath := Clipboard
Clipboard := ""

EXT := SubStr(Filepath , -3)

if(EXT == ".lnk")
  run, C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe /cmd Go "%Filepath%" NEWTAB OPENCONTAINER=target
  Filepath := ""
  EXT := ""