Keyboard shortcuts that I can't find

New to the application. Very impressive! A few initial questions that I couldn't answer from going to Directory Opus Keyboard Shortcuts.

  1. Is there a shortcut to toggle focus between left and right file display?
  2. Is there a shortcut(s) to move the current file listing to the other display? (I wrote the optional plural because maybe moving to the right is a different shortcut from moving to the left.)


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You can make your own keyboard shortcuts under the keys tab in Settings -> Customize Toolbars .

To toggle focus :

Set Focus=toggle

I commented out the @nodeselect .
That would retain your file selections .

Your second question has many answers as Directory Opus is very flexible about that.
This would swap file displays .

Go Swap

There are also many other arguments for the Go command.

Regarding question 1, you can already change focus between file displays using the Tab key.

Yes, but doesn't it tab all around the place before it lands on "the other" file display?

By default it does, but you can turn on Preferences / File Displays / Options / Use Tab key to switch source/destination in dual-display Listers so that Tab simply switches between left and right.

That's amazing! I'll try it out. Thank you.

Got it. I'll look for this too. Thanks!

Wow! Those all work. Those could really make me consider using this product. Thanks again, both!