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KingOfDaClick's Pack 2019 - (.ocb file only)


Hey Tom T
i recently had to change the path for the daemon tools button also.
To change the path please follow the following steps.

1- go into customize mode. (on the menu, click settings - "customize..")
2- a window will popup, ignore this and cilck on the mount button, the words mount and unmount will appear in a drop down menu.

3 right click on the word mount, and click "edit", a popup window will appear. look under "Function" and you'll see the path name (edit this). then click ok

  1. change the path for "unmount" the same way.

thats bascially it....good luck with it......
i'll be sure to update the mount button with my next release.


Thanks - I can't believe I missed that. All set now - great job on the theme, I'd be interested to hear when there's an update.

Thanks for your help


Thanks a lot



When I tried out the wand for the first time -- for FutureRain, I think -- all of my tool bars disappeared! Even when I go back to my prvious OCB, there's nothing on top. What did I do wrong? How do I get them back???

I know, I know, should have put the folder in C: but it's there now, so what to do ... other than uninstall and reinstall or system restore?

I'd like to give your theme a fair go, 'cause I'm tired of Deep Blue, which has its Preferences fields botched with black lines. (Yes, thick horizontal bars obliterating every other line of text. I'm serious. No, really.) Thanks in advance!


Try turning on Windows Blinds Compatibilty mode in Preferences - Misc - Options. It might fix that.


If you mean in Directory Opus' Preferences, I can't because there are no tool bars of menus on top. I've just got a folder tree and two panes showing.


You can access Preferences/Customize via the menu that appears if you left-click on the window icon, as well as by right-clicking the window on the taskbar or the tray icon.


Yes, that works to open Preferences and Customize, which allows me to turn on tool bars. Thanks so much. Good fix!


He KingOfDaClick,

best theme i have seen... THX

But what about small icons support? Will this feature come?


... English is not my best language :blush: :exclamation:


A littel Problem...

How can I switch the file writing in "normal" now all are bold (the folder too).
I have switch the type of files to "normal" but it takes only efekts on the specification like fliesize etc.

THX for help



Hi tifi
to change the font sizes and styles
click Settings
then preferences
in "display" you will see "font"
change the file/folder font under "file display".
once u make your changes, click ok
then go to settings and click "set as default lister"

as for your other question i will be supporting small icons in my next release next month


I'll be patient :wink:

[quote]to change the font sizes and styles
click Settings
then preferences
in "display" you will see "font"
change the file/folder font under "file display". [/quote]

That is my problem! I dit it few times that way and it don't take effect on filenams only to the specifications like "filesize"

I use DO

Thx for your quick help



Opus is ancient. Please update to the latest version.


is there a way to know what new icon set you used/updated, without having to install the configuration file, since I have your theme running and looking great, with some changes I made, and I don't want to change anything, other then to see if maybe some icons would look better or not..

This is in reference to version 3.0 of the package... I have your older release installed...


you can add the new iconsets by downloading the new version
then go into
"preferences" - "toolbar icons"
delete the following iconsets
then click on the import bottom and open

  • AngelBlue.dis (found in the file)
  • Utopia.dis (found in the file)
  • Cameleon.dis (found in the file)
  • FutureRain.dis (found in the file)

this will overwrite the old iconsets with the new ones and will add small icon support....


thanks so much for the help on my request!!


Hey all,

Haven't been successful in getting the theme, once it starts the download stops two minutes into the operation. Any other links available where I can get it??



I'm trying to use this theme/config, but so far I've only had limited success.

Up in the top right corner there are two buttons. One has a tool tip saying customise, the other says 'open directory opus preferences editor (or something to that extent).
When I click the customise button, I get a drop down menu, with what appears to be lots of different colour styles or something. When I select these however I see no changes at all, bar some changes to fonts. It does appear though that it is changing the toolbars (see below images), just no different colours, its like I haven't installed the files correctly or something.

For reference, when it came to installing I just downloaded the zip, extracted it, then used the Backup & Restore and selected 'Replace entire config'.....

What am I doing wrong?

This is what it looks like straight after installing:

Here it is after using the customise button:


Hey MadAus
This happens when you extract the zip file to a wrong directory
it has to be extracted to
C:\KODC Themes

double check that...and it should work


Hi, that's done the trick. Thanks.