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Label assignment to a Windows Library


I would like to have a specific font and color to a Windows Library folder. I have tried to use the "Add New File or Folder color assignment' in the "Label assignment" option but it does not work. I needed to assign label for each folder that belongs to the library in order for it to be shown in the library.
Is this the right way to assign a label to a library?


If you mean you want everything within the library to use a custom font/color: Yes, I think you would need to assign a label that matches things within each folder that is part of the library.

To keep things tidy, that could be done using a single wildcard label,

e.g. (C:\Folder 1|D:\Folder 2|E:\Folder 3)

OTOH, if you mean the library itself (e.g. Documents), labels can be assigned to that directly.


Yes I mean to a library itself. I used the Create a NEW Wildcard Label > "Add New File or Folder color assignment" for the whole library like lib://MyLibrary/* for folders but it does not seem to work on the library. Is this the right way to do it?



For the library itself, select the library, then use the Set Label/Color menu (should be in the right-click context menu, also available via the menu attached to the Properties button on the default toolbars).


Would it be feasible that you will add the option to add the full library content like lib://MyLibrary* (which includes whole of the folders of the library) to the "Labels Assignment" > "Wildcard filters" option so there would be a need only ONCE to add the library and afterwards if adding a folder to the library it will be completely transparent to Opus and automatically the label is assigned to this library folder as well.



So we're not talking about the library itself, and we are talking about everything at the top-level of the library?

Labeling /* below the library doesn't work since the labels are evaluated by the folders' real paths. (If it didn't work that way, you'd have to label everything twice when applying explicit labels to specific files/folders, or start seeing inconsistent labels on things depending on how you navigated to them, which would cause problems for some people.)

How many folders make up the library? If it's only the usual 1-3 folders then it's simple to make a wildcard label that matches everything in all those folders. The only complex thing would be if you wanted them to get a different color/font only when viewed via the library and not when viewed via their real paths.

Actually, there is a way to get what you want quite easily, which would give you separate labels when in the library vs when not in it. You can assign labels as part of the folder format for a particular folder (or folders).

  • Go into the library.
  • Open Folder / Folder Options from the default toolbars (near the top right).
  • On the Labels tab, define whatever labels you want. You could match * if you want to apply a label to everything in the folder.
  • Click the Save... button and save the format for that library/path.


•Go into the library.
•Open Folder / Folder Options from the default toolbars (near the top right).
•On the Labels tab, define whatever labels you want. You could match * if you want to apply a label to everything in the folder.
•Click the Save... button and save the format for that library/path.

I have tried what you have said but it does not work for the folder format. Please try to replicate it.



Please note that I don't need any complex settings what I want is when opening the library then EVERY folder in the library will have for example a font and a color (all of them will have just one font and one color i.e. one and only one label for all the folders in this library)


It works fine here.

What label did you create? This is what worked for me:

What didn't work specifically? Did the label take effect when you clicked OK, but was not still being used if you opened a new window and went to the folder? Or did it not apply at all, even in the window you did the editing in?


The library are in Thumbnails view settings. I did exactly as you did but the font color remain BLUE. Could it be that something in my settings are overriding this setting? When I clicked OK or apply it did not change anything and also when I saved it as a format for this folder and all sub folders below.


Switch to Details mode and turn on the General > Label column. Does it say the folders have any label defined, or is it blank?


When you say General > Label column are you referring to the folder options of the current library folder? If you are referring to this Label column then after switching to details mode the label still exist in the Folder Option Dialog Box.


I can switch to any folder View like Tiles etc. and the Label that I have assigned in Thumbnails view still exist.


Add the "Label" column, which is in the "General" category, to the file display:

You can do that via Folder Options, or you can also right-click the column headings and add it from there.


OK now I understand. Well if I set in Thumbnails view a label and then switch to details then the label column is empty, but EVEN if I set a label in Details View the Label column is still empty and the color of the fonts is still blue. I Really don't understand why it happens in my case. Maybe there is a setting that have high precedence over this Label setting?


How are you setting the label?


I set the label by right clicking on an empty space of the background of the library then View > Folder Options > Labels "Create a new wildcard label"


Is the label still there if you go back into Folder Options?

Please show us how the label is defined.


The label is still there if I go back to the folder option. I defined it exactly as you have defined it when you attached a screen shot of the definition that you have made (10 posts above my reply)
Also if I go to Preferences > Folders > Folder Formats I can see that it adds the Library to the "Path Format" group.


I tested the same thing on a normal folder not a library one and the label column is empty as well as the color is still blue so my problem is with every folder not just a library one.
I was upgrading from Opus Ver 10 to Ver 11 then to Ver 12 maybe there is some left over settings from old Opus that may cause this problem?