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Label Assignment To Root Folder based on subfolder


I've set up a label assignment that formats the folders that have changed with a specific time. This looks like this:

The label assignment is

Additionally I've got a few folders in drive Z: that contain changed content in their subfolders like this one:

As you can see above folder z:\SyncBackPro\ contains a subfolder v9 with a labeled file, however, the root folder itself is not labeled to indicate the change inside.

Is it somehow possible to label root folders based upon change files within their subfolder?

And even better, sort those root folders to top when one of its subfolders has beend modified? I know I've done the sorting with a folder format but obviously this applies to root folder only and I've to open the appropriate folde first to see the sorting on subfolder, too.


Labels that apply to a folder based on the files and folders inside it are possible using script columns, but will have a performance overhead (similar to calculating folder sizes, since you have to read the list of everything below every folder you display).

Using Find might make more sense than labels which are on all the time, if the aim is to occasionally find recently modified things.