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Label Colour on Toolbar?

Quick question which I can't find an easy answer to.

I use the Properties/Set Label Colour function often - to colour files. Is
there a way to move this menu item to the tool bar?

That is, so I don't have to use the drop down Propeties menu? I'd really
just like to have a button on the toolbar that says "Blue" or "Red" and by
hitting it the selected file(s) will turn Blue.


Yes, if you make a button which runs Properties SETLABEL then it will turn into a button for each label when you exit Customize mode.

In case you don't like a menu, which I understood you don't, I guess you can also use Properties SETLABEL=Blue e.g., to create individual buttons for specific labels.

FWIW, the command I gave doesn't make a sub-menu. It puts the buttons directly on the toolbar.

Thanks Leo,

Perfect answer!

I did go through the process myself earlier, but didn't notice the Set Label - which was the function I needed. Great stuff.

I now have the actual colours listed in the toolbar itself - each colour is a button itself - which is even better than I could think possible. Such good software.

Thanks again.